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Emily Grace

About Pussy Talk

Pussy Talk shines a light on the things we have felt like we "can't talk about." From relationships to menstruation to power dynamics to sex and everything in between, Pussy Talk shines the light of truth, honesty and humor on what we're all going through.

About Emily Grace

Emily Grace is a Sundance award-winning actress, a writer, producer, director and entrepreneur.

Emily is an actor-marketing expert and coach who has helped countless actors take their career to the next level through marketing plans that get results.

She recently merged her company, Emily Grace Productions with Acting Pros, founded by actress Wendy Davis. 

About Carmen Moreno

Carmen Moreno is a Venezuelan-American actress, writer and creator.

Carmen created her YouTube channel, Dose Of Carmen, to connect to Hispanic-Latino audiences through comedy.

Her bilingual platform is all about breaking stereotypes attempting to bridge bicultural gaps using humor for social commentary.

She is an outspoken, vivacious firecracker who will say it like it is with picante and honey!