Episode 8: Oscar Winning Pussy

So many Oscar "firsts" at this year's awards ceremony! From the first female-nominated cinematographer to the first transgender actor presenting an award to pepper spray in the swag bag...find out all about it in today's episode of Pussy Talk!

Episode 5: No Wonder You're Hysterical!

This week we continue our "Happy Pussy" talk. Remember back when doctors diagnosed a woman-only disease known as "Hysteria?" This medical condition included such terrible symptoms as "erotic thoughts" and "excessive vaginal lubrication." Sounds terrible!

Episode 2: The Pussy Will Stay Silent No More!

We continue on the topic of sexual harassment...because you just can't get away from it these days! As the survivors of sexual harassment and abuse continue to find the courage to come forward, our discussion runs the gamut from anger to deflation to disgust to finding the positive in this messy cultural shift we are in the midst of!